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An interview with Ellen from Sarah Louise Smith’s new chick-lit novel, The Truth About Ellen . . .

So, Ellen, tell us a bit about yourself:

I’m a “normal” British single girl. I have been single since my ex Jon turned out to be a total heart-breaker. But I’m over that, honest. I live with my cat Bob and I work in an office… I’m passionate about music, and a really big fan of rock star Jasper Ryan. He used to be in a band in the ‘90s called Four Ape. I’m sure you’ve heard of them. They were amazing. I’m 28 though, far too old to be crazy about them now, of course! But when I was a teenager, I adored them. Sigh.

I met Jasper once… but probably best not to talk about that… I promised I wouldn’t.

What does a typical week look like for you:

Work, home, work home… Every Sunday I go to my parents’ house for dinner. Mum’s annoying but I love her. I hang out with my friends and I visit my Gran a lot. She’s about to go on her own little adventure, with my help…

Life’s pretty mundane, but I get the feeling something exciting is about to happen!

Tell us about your hometown:

I live in Milton Keynes, England. It’s a modern town, and I quite like living here. I just started a new job and my friends and family are close. My house is just a small one bedroom but it’s cute. I’d like to live in the countryside one day, though.

What’s in your attic?

Lots and lots of Four Ape CD’s! I couldn’t part with them when I got my iPod. I’ve also stashed all my old photos and a bunch of books up there. I can be a bit of a hoarder.

Share a childhood memory:

When I was about 14 I had a big sleep over with a group of school friends. We were all Four Ape fans and we gathered around the TV to watch Jasper and the others… I was always attracted to him, even back then. But – like I said – I’m so over that now. I mean, we met, it was great, but we’re not in touch now. So…

Want to get to know Ellen a little better?

Book Blurb

It’s every girl’s dream to date a pop star...
When Ellen starts dating Tom, a member of the band she adored as a teenager, she can’t believe how lucky she is.

She neglects to mention that she's a huge fan because that just wouldn’t be cool, would it?

Ellen also keeps quiet about how she once spent an evening with Tom’s ex-bandmate/ex-best friend Jasper, her long-term celebrity crush. Tom doesn’t need to know about that, it’s all in the past.

That is until Tom and Jasper get back in touch… and the truth threatens to ruin everything Ellen has ever dreamed of...  

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About Sarah Louise Smith

Sarah Louise Smith lives in Milton Keynes, England with her husband, step-daughter, loopy golden retriever and cheeky tortie cat.

Sarah has been writing stories since she can remember and has so far completed four chick-lit novels, all published by Crooked Cat: Amy & Zach, Izzy's Cold Feet, Independent Jenny, and The Truth About Ellen.

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<Blogger’s Note: I had the pleasure of reading an ARC of The Reinvention of Mimi Finnegan and fell in love with the writing and the characters. You can read my rave 5-star review here. I always cast characters in my head while reading books and shared my choices for Mimi, Elliot, and Richard with Whitney. She approved them all, so I thought it would be fun to post some photos of my actress/actor picks to give you some visuals to go along with Whitney’s Mimi interview. Enjoy, and be sure to grab a copy of the book for yourself. You will love it!>


Today, I’m interviewing Miriam May Finnegan, a.k.a. Mimi. Mimi is the star of her very own romantic comedy which is currently #15 in Hot New Releases on Amazon.

Q: Would you consider yourself the typical heroine of a romantic comedy?
A: God, no! I mean, I have a bunion. I’m a size 12 and let’s face it; I pale in comparison to my sisters.

Post-makeover Mimi has red hair and a va-va-voom figure, so I imagined her looking like the curvy and gorgeous Christina Hendricks.

Q: Let’s chat about your sisters for a moment. Who are they and why do you think they are so amazing?
A: My oldest sister, Renée, used to be a supermodel (You may remember her from her work with Cover Girl.) and is now a famous clothing designer. Next is Ginger, nearly as gorgeous as Renée, and a Rhodes Scholar to boot. She’s the curator of The Pipsy Museum of Modern Art and married to my boss, Jonathan. Then there’s Muffy. All of you tennis buffs will remember her from her Wimbledon appearances. She’s currently the women’s tennis pro at The Hillsdale Country Club.

Q: What about you, what are you known for in your family?
A: Well, I used to be the sister with the pretty feet. Not any more though. Now I have a bunion. I guess I’m known for being the only single sister in our quartet. I’m also the only one who wears double digits. Truthfully, I’m nothing compared to my sisters.

Q: What do you aspire to in life, Mimi? What are your goals and dreams?
A: I’d like to fit into my family better. I’m starting to think my mom cheated on my dad with a circus clown and I’m the result. I want to feel like I’m just as exceptional as they are. I would also love to get married and have a family. I’m thirty-four and my last boyfriend left me to marry his distant cousin. The last guy that hit on me had a bratwurst in his pants. So essentially my batting average sucks.

Q: Is there anyone you’re interested in right now?
A: Between you, me and the fencepost, yes. His name is Elliot Fielding. Yes, THE Elliot Fielding, British legal thriller author extraordinaire! My sisters are trying to set me up with him but it’s not going very well.

Englishman Elliot is tall, blond, and rather posh with his style and manners, so I envisioned him as the dishy Rupert Penry-Jones.

Elliot isn't the only contender for Mimi's heart. Big Apple businessman Richard Bingham also does his best to win her over. I adored this character so much that I wasn't sure which guy to root for! The dark-haired and dreamy Richard Armitage would be perfect in this role!

Q: If you could be the star of any television show, past or present, which would you pick?
A. Sex and the City, without a doubt. I love the friendships between the women. If I had friends like those, it would make my life a lot easier to swallow.


Elliot pushes his chair out and stands. His eyes slide up and down the length of my body and he smirks as he raises his left eyebrow in a supercilious question mark. I have no idea what that’s all about so I simply extend my hand and smile, “It’s very nice to meet you Elliot.”

Instead of extending me the same courtesy, he tilts his head to the side, nods it once and declares, “Indeed.” Like, “Indeed, you should be happy to meet me.”

Well that settles it. I don’t care if he was well over six-two or his slightly receding strawberry blonde hair is the most gorgeous color ever or I find him immensely attractive. He’s ruined it for himself. I am not going to marry Elliot Fielding.

I rush to lower my extended hand back to my side, where it obviously belongs, when at the last moment he chooses to take it. I try to pull away as if to indicate he has had his chance and the offer is now withdrawn. I’m so peeved by his arrogance that I yank my fingers from his, setting into motion a domino effect I’m sure Renée will later claim ruined Camille’s party.
Elliot bends at the waist and gently touches his lips to my reluctant appendage in what I’m sure he assumes is a display of superior English manners, yet my whole body responds in an angry shudder. How dare he think he can “indeed” me and then put his mouth on my person. I yank my hand back, upsetting my very delicate balance, at the same time Elliot takes the hint and releases me. He does not attempt to aid me in any way as I fall backwards, straight into the pool.



While attending the University of Illinois in Chicago, Whitney Dineen was discovered by a local modeling agent and began an unexpected career as a plus-size Ford model. She modeled in New York City before moving to Los Angeles with her husband. 

When she wasn’t modeling, she was in the kitchen, baking delights to share with friends. Soon, her friends began asking her to send baskets of her wonderful candies and cookies to business associates, agents and production studios. Word spread like wildfire, and the rest, as they say, is history. Whitney’s sensational creations are still in great demand by her loyal celebrity clientele.

During “The Hollywood Years,” Whitney was bitten by the writing bug and started creating characters that are inspired by strong women with a great sense of humor.

In addition to her love of chick-lit, Whitney has also written a series of adventure books for middle readers The first of which, Wilhelmina and the Willamette Wig Factory, is nearing completion.

Whitney and her husband, Jimmy, have recently relocated to the beautiful Pacific Northwest to raise their children, chickens and organic vegetables.



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May is International Chick Lit Month. Let's be honest—it's the best month of the year! 

Every year, Chick Lit readers and writers get together to celebrate, share, discuss and gush about their favorite book genre. Not familiar with Chick Lit or Chick Lit Month? Visit International Chick Lit Month for more information. 

This year marks the fifth anniversary of ICLM. To celebrate, a bunch of enthusiastic authors got together and made an infographic to help readers find their next Chick Lit read. 

We're giving away 19 e-books to 19 lucky readers. Just enter to win the books you'd like to read! 

To enter, comment on the blog post below, listing which books from the graphic you'd like to read and WHY you would like to read them. (Make sure to include your email address so we can contact you.) Entrants can only enter once per blog, but can check out other blogs with this same post and comment there for extra entries! All those links are down below. 

Entries close on midnight Friday, May 22 (Pacific Daylight Time), and winners will be contacted directly on May 31. Good luck everyone—and happy reading! 

(Even if you missed this giveaway, feel free to share this graphic on your blog and spread the Chick Lit love!) 

Find the authors and books here, and enter again!

Deeper Themes
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French Fry

Sydney Durand had finally achieved the perfect life she had always wanted. After a whirlwind romance with a charming Frenchman, she endured the three weddings it required to satisfy the members of the newly formed Bennett-Durand clan. All she had left to do was stroll into the sunset with Louis to enjoy their long-awaited happily ever after.

But everything changed when the stick turned blue. Suddenly, Sydney finds herself facing the daunting task of becoming a mother before she has even returned home from her honeymoon. Keeping a tenacious hold on her hard-won happiness, Sydney is determined not to give up without a fight – no matter what or who is thrown in her path…and that includes an overbearing mother-in-law, a know-it-all father and her own anxiety about having a baby.

Will she finally be able to tame her neuroses for the sake of her unborn child? Or will her hormone-induced panic cause a meltdown of epic proportions? One thing is clear: Sydney and Louis’ nerves are going to fry…

About the Author

Glynis never expected in her wildest dreams to be a writer. After thirteen years in the Human Resources Industry, she decided to stay at home with her two amazing sons. Ever in search of a project, she was inspired to write the story of how she met and married her wonderfully romantic French husband, Sebastien, in six short months. The end result became her first novel, French Twist. As this was just the beginning of their epic love story, Glynis continued to chronicle their adventures in the sequel, French Toast and the final installment in the series, French Fry.

When Glynis is not writing, she is trying to keep the peace amongst the three men and two cats in her life, finding missing body parts (Lego pieces are small!), supervising a myriad of homework assignments and keeping a tenuous hold on her sanity by consuming whatever chocolate is in the vicinity.

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Giveaway begins on 5/13/15 at 12:01 AM and ends on 5/20/15 at 11:59 PM. 3 prizes will be awarded.

1. $25 Amazon gift card and e-book set of the French Twist series.

2. 2 e-book sets of the French Twist series.

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